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DreamWave Tremor military
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mobiler Lautsprecher, Bluetooth Lautsprecher / Nennbelastung: 50 Watt / Akkulaufzeit: 18 h / Lautsprecher System: 2.0 Stereo / Prinzip: aktiv / Stromversorgung: Akku / Akkutechnologie: Lithium-Polymer / Akku-Kapazität: 20.800 mAh / Farbe: grün / Funktionen: Streaming, Dual Speaker Pairing, Freisprechfunktion, Smartphone Ladefunktion / Soundfunktion: Rauschunterdrückung / Schutzeigenschaften: spritzwassergeschützt, staubresistent / Schutzklasse: IPX5 / Steuerungseigenschaften: Lautstärke, Rufannahme, Bluetooth Pairing / Anzahl Breitbandtöner: 2 / Anzahl Hochtöner: 2 / Anzahl Tieftöner: 2 / Funkübertragung: Bluetooth / Bluetooth Codecs: SBC, aptX / Bluetooth-Version: Bluetooth 4.0+EDR / Breite: 445 mm / Höhe: 180 mm / Tiefe: 170 mm / Gewicht: 5,7 kg / Einsatzgebiete: unterwegs, Garten

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Stand: Feb 19, 2019
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Craving the Cowboy: Christian Contemporary Roma...
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A ranch owner in Texas Hill Country, a horse trainer, and a romance for the ages... Dwayne Carver is set to inherit his family´s ranch in the heart of Texas Hill Country, which would be great if his first love wasn´t raising and training horses. In order to keep up with his ranch duties and fulfill his dreams of owning a horse farm, he hires top trainer Felicity Lightburne. Felicity, wracked with grief over the death of her father, can´t stand to stay on her family farm anymore, so she takes the job at Grape Seed Ranch sight unseen. She shows up in her red mustang only to be confronted by three wild bulls who´ve broken free. When Dwayne intervenes, she´s smitten. It doesn´t matter that he´s her boss, or that she dunked him in the small-town Texas festival the day before, or that he has tremors in his right arm from a military injury. They get along great, and she can envision herself on this new farm - at least until her mother falls ill and she has to return to help her. Then she realizes that the ranch wife life isn´t one she particularly wants. And it´s all Dwayne has to offer her. Can Dwayne and Felicity work through their differences to find their happily-ever-after? Listen to all the Grape Seed Falls Romances by Liz Isaacson: Choosing the Cowboy Craving the Cowboy Charming the Cowboy Courting the Cowboy Claiming the Cowboy Catching the Cowboy Cheering the Cowboy 1. Language: English. Narrator: Caroline McLaughlin. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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Stand: Dec 17, 2018
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