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Descent into Darkness: American Apocalypse, Boo...
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Book 2 of the series American Apocalypse continues the heroic struggles of an unlikely band of survivors in Southern Oregon. Joe Harp, the leader, was an overweight auto mechanic without any special survival skills. He had never been in the military but did know how to hunt, fish, and camp. He also had some notes his Grandma left him plus some survival books and supplies his Grandpa left him in an old cabin in the woods. Cobie Simms worked as a clerk at an outdoors store. She was working hard to survive before the SHTF while raising her daughter alone. Joe and Cobie team up to fight the evil around them and make life better for those in their small group. Cobie has been abducted in Book 1, and now Joe has to find her and bring her back to her back to him and her daughter. Many perils from gangs, starving neighbors, and disease still have to be dealt with, as Joe leads his people through the apocalypse. Could you survive an apocalypse? Do you have military or special survival skills? Joe does not. If Joe can survive by using common sense, survival manuals, and good luck so can you. 1. Language: English. Narrator: Kevin Pierce, Sara Morsey. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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